About Black Irony

Strive to inspire and share. Black Irony is a collection of beauty, fashion and lifestyle favourites written and made by Stefany, 23 year old social media and fashion enthusiast based in Århus, Denmark. Read about the blog and the history behind it here.

As I blog, I express

Stefany, 23 years old fashion blogger, multimedia design and communications graduate and media enthusiast based in Århus. Moved to Denmark from Latvia five years ago and have been loving it ever since. Started Black Irony blog around 6 years ago because of the passion and love for writing, publishing and fashion. This place gives freedom to do all of those things at one. The blog used to be called Stefany Strange, but on June 30, 2014 the name was changed to Black Irony. The reason behind that is simple – the previous domain expired and I had had this feeling that something needs to be changed. So Black Irony was born. In year 2012 Stefany started a collaboration with PolhemPR Latvia and H&M which was something exciting and unexpected. The thought of writing and sharing content that so many of you, wonderful readers, enjoy is what motivates and gives a drive to keep doing what has been started and make it better with each post. That is Black Irony. A place that never stops growing.

For general enquires please contact blackironyblog@gmail.com

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