Thursday, February 25, 2016

Lately more and more bloggers are sharing their tips on shopping on ebay and what to buy. Today I am going to share one of my favourite purchases from the site with you. Not so long ago I ordered a bag that I can’t stop wearing. The bag that is the perfect, extremely affordable dupe for the gorgeous Chloe Faye bag. I could easily imagine seeing this bag on shelves of ZARA, since they are well known for producing items that reflect latest fashion trends straight from the runway. But what surprised me the most is the quality of this bag because it exceeded all the expectations you would have when shopping on ebay.

Chloe Faye dupe

To be honest, I love the design of the bag so much, I am thinking about investing in the actual Faye. It has the classy look with an edgy feel and can definitely pull together almost any outfit.

This bag has three compartments and has a smaller section for coins, cards etc. The top is made from a suede like material.

Chloe Faye dupe

It has gold hardware and magnetic closure. Nothing out of the ordinary but the main center piece, obviously, is the chunky chain connecting the ring and base of the shoulder strip (not removable).

Since this is a very affordable bag, it is not made of real leather.

Chloe bag dupe
Chloe Faye dupe

The bag can be purchased here in three different colours (brown, gray and black), which are the same in life as in pictures.

I picked mine in gray and am planning to get the other two soon. Yes, that’s how much I like it. Plus, I am trying to get more colours into my wardrobe since its mainly monochrome toned.

Chloe Faye dupe

All in all, the bag has great quality. It holds shape well and there are no stitches coming loose as usually when ordering things from ebay.

It was delivered in 10 days and was packed very neatly with a dust bag and stuffing to keep its shape well while delivered.

Great bag for great price!