Frequently Asked Questions Answered


One of the reasons why the name of the blog is Black Irony is my most used colour design and clothing wise – black. I love layering it, mixing it with other shades and colours and it works with everything. I just love it too much.

Why irony? This goes way back to when I started blogging. My first blog ever was started to see how far I can get it and what could come out of it. It was like a fun experiment for myself back then. I purposely didn’t tell anyone about it and din’t share it with other people just to see how many people would it reach without any promotion. Ironically, somehow it started getting views and comments and soon I took it very seriously and decided to dedicate every free second I have to make it my place of freedom and self expression.

I was born in a small Baltics country – Latvia and grew up in the capital – Riga. Ever since I can remember my first trips abroad, I knew that at some point of my life I am going to live abroad.

Before my high-school graduation I applied to two schools, one in London and one in Copenhagen. I decided to only apply abroad and if I don’t get in, I would take a year off. Fortunately I got accepted to both schools but decided to come to Denmark hence to it’s well known high life quality and the general Scandinavian lifestyle appeal.

Now it has been 2+ years and I am not planning to leave Denmark yet.


For both, pictures and videos, I use Canon d7000 and the 50mm 1/4f lens.

I edit my pictures on Adobe Photoshop CS6 and PhotoscapeX.
Videos are edited on Adobe Premiere Pro.

I use WordPress to write my posts and design the blog. If you are planning on start a blog or are thinking about moving to a new platform, I highly recommend using WordPress because of the enormous amount of options you have.