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Morning/Evening skincare routine

Saturday, June 11, 2016
My body is my temple

As important as it is to look after what you eat and keep a balanced diet, it is important to take care of your skin and develop a skincare routine you can and enjoy following. And even though I must admit that I am still struggling with the first one, the skincare routine I currently follow, is pretty simple and effective.

I hope you enjoy this post and find something to add to your daily ‘me time’. 🙂


Foreo Origins Mask
Foreo Play & Origins charcoal mask

My morning routine starts as expected – a good splash of water on the face and brushing my teeth. Recently I picked up an electronic toothbrush and am giving it a go. So far so good and the timer that shows you when to wash which part of the mouth and when to stop, helps a lot.

I know some like to shower in the morning, but I actually prefer to give myself a good evening shower before it’s time to get in bed.

After brushing my teeth it mostly depends on the mood and what my skin is asking for. A lot of times I will reach for the Foreo Luna Play (it is so adorable) and give my skin a good cleanse. It feels like a nice morning facial procedure and cleans up pores. Sometimes I will go for the Origins Charcoal face mask to really deep-clean and take my word for it – this mask is the best one I have ever tried and I can’t see myself changing it for anything else. It really makes your skin clean, refreshed and cleans the pores better than any other mask I’ve tried.

If I’m having a hard time with my skin (I’m an occasional pimple kind of girl) this mask usually helps with that and the next day the pimple is almost gone. I keep it on for as long as I can’t move my face almost at all. When washing it off I like to splash my face with water and use simple make-up removal wipes to clean off the mask. I find it much faster and easier than washing it off with hands since it becomes a little slippery. 🙂

After that I put my new favourite golden skin eye gel from Etre Belle with caviar and use the Systane Ultra eye drops. If you’re a contact lens user as I am – you know the drill. 😉

The Body Shop Vitamin E

The next thing I would use in the morning is a spritz of The Body Shop Vitamin E. At first I bought this product to use on my beauty blender after making it wet and before using it, but I have found this product to work in so many different ways.

First of all, it smells amazing and when sprayed on face feels super refreshing. Secondly, you can use it as a make-up setting spray which I always do. Since I don’t feel the need to deep moisturise my skin in the morning, I will sometimes give it a spray of this Vitamin E and I am ready to get on with the day.

By the way, when the weather is so nice as right now (yay for summer!) I love to use this spray couple of times a day just because it feels so refreshing. 🙂

I have a lot of days in the week when I don’t wear make-up at all. That might be the reason why I am so lucky with my skin, but when I do have to give a quick run to the store or similar, I like to throw on some mascara (Maybelline Lash Sensational), tinted eye brow gel (Gosh – it is the best!) and sometimes a little bit of transparent powder (Rimmel).

The Body Shop Vitamin E


Pien Dairy spa milk whey
Pien-Spa Milk Whey Intimate soap and Shower gel

Evening is my favourite part of the day. I love to spend mine preparing blog posts, reading other blogs or just grabbing a cup of tea and enjoying a good movie.

When it’s time to hop in the shower I really enjoy my new discoveries – Pien-Spa Intimate soap and shower gel. What is important is that this brand is natural and is the only brand using natural milk whey for their products which means balanced pH and soothing scent. At first I was sceptical about the scent (it does smell a little like milk) but it is so settle and I grew to love it.

Lately I have found myself reaching for as natural products as possible. I’m not so keen on scented products and try to exclude those from my bathroom. The one scent that is hard for me to let go of is lavender and you’ll see more of that in this post, but what I wanted to mention is a shaving gel. We all know that summer comes along with shaving more frequently to keep our legs smooth and glowy and using a shaving cream or gel is super important to not irritate the skin. In the worst case scenario – use soap, but I really recommend the Gillette Satin Care shave gel with lavender. It is amazing and makes shaving quick and enjoyable.

Maria Nila Luminous Colour Masque

As per hair washing, I try to wash mine every second day which so far has worked well. For shampoos and conditioners, it really depends on what I have at that moment. I tend to go for simple drugstore shampoos, but what’s really important to me is the hair mask I use afterwards. I feel like that really makes a difference on how my hair will look and feel.

Thanks to Goodiebox I have discovered the amazing vegan brand Maria Nila (read the post here) and their mask that I currently use is made in heaven. It makes my hair so smooth, soft and healthy looking. I’m head over heels about this mask and will definitely keep purchasing it till something better comes along.

I like to squeeze some excess water out of my just washed hair and spread the mask all over my hair. Leave in for 5-10 min and wash it out. Washing it out is the best part because it feels sooo silky and smooth. I love it.

My hair is naturally ash toned brown and I don’t really like my natural colour so I usually use the Loreal Casting Creme Gloss in Dark Brown which holds up to 28 washes. Quick and easy solution to get the colour you want.

Maria Nila hair mask
Aveeno lotion oil
Aveeno Oil & Moisturising Lotion

Lately I have noticed my skin getting quite dry and patchy on my legs so I knew it was time to start taking more care of my skin and based on the outstanding reviews I decided to pick up these two Aveeno products. The shower oil I am not so excited about just because I don’t like how much of it you have to use to actually get it all over your body. Just like other shower oils it comes out of the bottle transparent and the turns a little foamy in contact with water. On the other hand, the body lotion is absolutely amazing. I can’t express how great my skin feels after using this product.

First of all the packaging is perfect – it has a pump so it makes it super easy and quick to use. It is fragrance free and doesn’t leave any grease. I just freaking love it.

Usually I will put it on my legs and when necessary – all over my body. The best part is that it actually does what it says on the bottle – moisturises for 24 hours. I have never experienced anything like this before but when I put it on before heading to bed, I wake up in the morning and can feel how soft and moisturised my legs feel.

For the first time I tried to put this on my feet because they felt a little rough and exhausted from all the errands I had run haha. Let me tell you – my feet feel so, so soft.

Please, if you get a chance – get this product. It really is amazing and I can’t wait to give a try to their whole collection.

Jorg Obe White Tea cream & Bio2You Omega 3-6 serum

After I have done all the overall prep I will put on either the Jorg Obe White Tea balancing cream or the Bio2You Skin Antidepressant to prepare myself for heading to sleep.

The Jorg Obe cream restores skins natural moisture and gives the skin balance which is great for use either in the morning or evening (what I will mostly do). White tea is a great ingredient for skincare since it strengthens skin and protects it from premature ageing. P.S. It won the Danish Beauty Award 2016! Read more about this cream in this post.

The Bio2You Omega 3-6 skin antidepressant serum is my latest discovery oil wise and I absolutely love it. I can only use it before heading to bed because I really don’t enjoy the feeling of oils on my skin, but this is totally worth it.

Sometimes I tend to get a dry patch here and there on my face and then this baby comes to the rescue. I literally put it on in the evening all over my face and the next morning it is soft and the dry patches are if not gone then almost there.

For those struggling with eczema prone skin this might be the saviour – it reduces redness and itchiness and relieves the skin. The sea buckthorn oil enhances microcirculation. It really is an awesome product if this is what you’re looking for. It is alcohol, colour free and is 100% natural + all the reviews on this product are outstanding. Give it a try. I can’t imagine my routine without it.

Jorg Obe White tea Bio2you oil
This Works lavender spray
This Works lavender pillow spray

Now that I would be all done with the skincare and ready to head to bed it would be time to give my pillow a spray of lavender.

I love this product but it depends on the day I have had if I will use it or not. Sometimes I find it a little too much and won’t spray it at all, but if the day has been really stressful or I can’t fall asleep – I will reach for this.

This Works has a lot of products in their range but I find the pillow spray the most suitable for what it does. You just give a little spritz on your pillow (sometimes I will spray it on the blanket) and get to bed. Lavender naturally gets you in the mood of sleeping and I find this product to be a very clever idea.

If you sometimes struggle with finding it hard to fall asleep, I would recommend giving this a try. But only if you like the scent of lavender otherwise this will be more of a torture than a pleasant experience. 😉

I hope you enjoyed this post and found something you would like to include in your daily skincare. Let me know what else I could give a try and you like to use. 🙂